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Commercial Developments

At BGS Utilities we have been involved in a wide range of commercial developments, with some of our largest clients working in this area. We have experience of working on sites ranging from defence contractors through to schools and restaurants, in both rural areas and city centres.

We appreciate that there are a wide range of demands within this diverse sector, and we have the expertise to satisfy them. We often find that close management of these projects is essential. For example, we often find that when working on retail property renovations there are times when an upgrade in service is required and the property has to continue trading in the meantime. Similarly, when working on care homes, hospitals, residential blocks or schools, any loss of supply could have disastrous consequences. At BGS Utilities, we are proud to have a very strong track record of understanding and working within these constraints, and we will continue to do so for our clients into the future.

Commercial developments tend to be extremely time sensitive projects, and we appreciate that any setbacks can carry financial implications for the main contractor. As part of our delivery, we are happy to walk around your site and highlight any problems before they have chance to affect delivery, and help you to stay on schedule for handover.

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Assessing, designing and laying of mains and services and connecting to the local network operator’s infrastructure. We can also disconnect/ divert/ alter as required.

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From pre development through to completion, including: design, chlorination and the installation of mains and services. We also complete alterations, diversions and disconnections.

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Multi Utility

Combining the installation of gas, water, electricity, telecom and street lighting services at the same time allows us to provide savings and efficiencies.

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Providing support, experience and expertise to your project, offering advice on where issues may arise and finding solutions to any challenges.

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