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How We Deliver

Ensuring the timely completion of our projects, that they are done safely and delivered to our high standards is not an easy task. There are two main ways that we at BGS Utilities maintain the ability to provide our services to the required specification: Complete Project Management and the BGS Academy.

Complete Project Management:

From consultations with developers and experience in the sector, we found that it was rare that one utility company would be willing or able to quote for an entire project. The typical situation we found was that any required disconnections or diversions were completed independently to the new connections on the site. This was due to either the larger utility companies not being willing to quote for the lower value works, or smaller companies being unable to quote competitively or deliver the new infrastructure.

It is not uncommon for there to be two, three or even four (not including the meter providers!) different utility companies involved with a development, each of these with several departments and sub-contractors. With so many companies involved, it is very easy for the overall strategy for the services to be lost and the efforts to become disjointed.

At BGS Utilities, although willing to quote for any part of a project if required, we are proud to be able to offer Complete Project Management. This works just as well for small projects as it does for large multi-year developments. Essentially, on receipt of your project, a member of the team will liaise directly with you in order to understand the project and produce a quotation. Moving forward, the same Project Manager will keep you informed of developments as they happen and make sure everything stays on track. You will have direct contact details for your Project Manager, who will know how to handle any aspect of your development, and make sure everything follows a cohesive plan. If there is any area of the project that we are not able to directly undertake, we have a series of partnership agreements and strictly vetted subcontractors who your Project Manager will organise, leaving you to focus on the rest of the development!

BGS Academy:

In order to deliver Complete Project Management, our Project Managers have to be able to deal with anything that may come their way on a given scheme. Utility undertakings are often full of surprises, demands and changes: in order to allow our PMs to take these in stride, we have developed the BGS Academy.

The BGS Academy is a combination of training courses, shadowing and supervised projects designed to prepare our PMs for running schemes on their own and eventually teaching the next generation of trainees.

For each service we deliver, there are either one or two levels of qualifications: Proficient and Adept. The training delivered at the Proficient level will allow the PM to look after all but the most technical of projects, with Adept level training picking up the specialist aspects remaining where required.

At BGS Utilities, we believe it is paramount that the person you are dealing with is experienced and able to deliver the results you need. This means able to answer any questions you may have confidently and correctly, and also being able to assess the entire scheme and identify any possible challenges they may face early on. The BGS Utilities Academy is designed to give you confidence that both you and your project are in safe hands.

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