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Similarly to gas, we are assessed and accredited according to the WIRS (Water Industry Regulation Scheme) by the Lloyds Register. This means that on any site requiring water mains, we can act as a Self Lay Organisation (SLO) to offer a competitive quotation and apply our flexibility and knowledge to the development.

All of our water operatives are also WIAPS certified, meaning that they can install water service pipes and self-certify them without the need for network operator inspection. Again, these qualifications allow us to increase our flexibility and deliver our services in a way that works with your timescales and site requirements.

Working on all water services and mains up to 300mm, we have the ability to dramatically reduce lead time and make the process much simpler by liaising directly with the network operator on your behalf, and installing all pipework to the right spec first time.

We Specialise In...

Water Mains and Service Installation

Installing both water mains and services to areas where there are no existing water mains, such as new developments.


New Water Service Connections

Completing the installation of new water services, from domestic 25mm connections upwards, including mains reinforcement where necessary.


Water Service Disconnections

Completing the disconnection of water services back to their parent main.


Water Service Alterations

Moving your water service from its existing position to a new desired location.


Water Service Upgrade

Increasing the size of an incoming water pipe to allow for a larger amount of water to be supplied, including mains reinforcement where necessary.


Water Mains Diversion

Organising the diversion of water mains. Liaising with the relevant network operator to ensure works are completed in good time and at a fair cost.


On Site Water Pipework Installation

Installing water pipework on private land, including chlorination works.


We're here to help, just ask

We pride ourselves on working personally with our customers, not only will we listen to what you require, we will work with you to identify the best possible solution.

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Our Accreditations

Gas Industry Registration Scheme
Water Industry Registration Scheme
Gas Safe Register
CHAS Accredited Contractor
Safe Contractor Approved